Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Keyhaven to Newtown 29th August 2010

Here are some photos taken on last Sundays trip to the Isle of Wight; as you can see i was experimenting with a new camera angle (though next time i promise i'll put a bag on my head!).

The outgoing leg was pleasant; we were running with the tide, had a decent westerly on our backs, we rode the gentle following sea all the way to Newtown and were there in no time.

Following an exploration of the creek and a civilised lunch stop we new that we were going to have the wind in our faces on our return and with an ebbing tide would need to ferry glide back to Keyhaven. As we left the shelter of Newtown we could see the brooding dark clouds, beneath which, the Solent frothed and boiled. The Westerly was now gusting 30 Knots against the tidal flow, creating some excellent rough water conditions.

I had changed the position of the camera for the return trip which wasn't a good move, the camera switched itself off, initially i thought the battery had drained but later realised that it was taking the full force of some nasty breaking waves (shame as i'd really liked to have shown you a photo of Richard B. being bongo surfed down the middle of the Solent or maybe even the sight of a yacht with it's bow pointing skyward whilst two thirds of its keel was airborne!).

An easy ride across the Solent maybe, but we still needed our wits about us as yachts in full sail passed at speed, not to mention the international power boat race!

The tranquility of Newtown Creek.

The wind increased as we entered the Solent which was awash with whitecaps.

Oooh Errr...... What do you think?
We hauled out on a small shingle beach to survey the scene; do we wait a while for the tide to slow? or do we go for it?
With conditions set to worsen we bit the bullet and enjoyed a somewhat invigorating paddle back to Keyhaven.

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  1. Yes that yacht did appear to be struggling - it looked as though we would have overtaken it had we been heading the same way!

    GPS Track here

    ( http://tinyurl.com/22pda3v )