Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Paddling

Several club members were paddling this weekend.
The “Lundy Lunatics” made it out to the iconic rock in the Bristol Channel, I believe there was club paddle on Easter Day and Mark & Sherril managed one short paddle from Porth Clais, south of St David’s Head in Pembrokeshire. Hopefully we will get some pictures of the Lundy trip and the Club Paddle to put up as a separate post but here’s a few pictures from West Wales to wet people’s appetite.

The rocks on Ramsay Island known as "The Bitches" which produce a famous wave for play-boating in the right conditions. Up to 6knots of tide run through the sound and the moving water viewed from the mainland cliff top was inspiring, especially as we saw a pair of porpoises and a seal being flushed through.

Three sea-kayakers also being "flushed" through the mainland side of the channel.

Horse Rock, a cathedral sized spire of rock sticking up 60meters from the seabed protruding at low water. You can see the size of the wave to get an idea of the power of the ebb tidal stream. It looks like the conning tower of a surfacing submarine!

Launching at Porth Clais.

Rock-hopping - caves, collapsed arches, interesting strata.

We paddlers weren't the only people out enjoying the coastal geology.

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  1. Nice one Sprucey, glad to see Sherril out and enjoying her new boat.
    Lovely photos.