Monday, 5 March 2012

Nab Off and Calshot On

Two separate trips this week. Spence & Sprucey's aborted attempt (due to fog - only 300m to 1nm maximum visibility) and the very windy Sunday paddle from Stokes Bay to Calshot.

On the beach at Bembridge- visibility getting better - do we stay or do we go? It was good watching the big fat heron in the background stalking the water's edge.

Bembridge - ready to start a Nav Ex on the way home

The amount of plastic floating on a tidal eddy was very sad. If we all picked up just one piece of plastic on every trip we went on and brought it home for safe disposal, the sea would be a much nicer place?

Sunday's trip from Stokes Bay to Calshot was wet, windy and bumpy. The wind on the return leg was up to 32knots at times. Of course (due to excellent planning by the trip leader!) we had wind and tide behind us both ways! It's not often that happens.

Calshot for lunch. It was bit too windy for photography on the way home!

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