Monday, 20 February 2012

A Perfect Day Off Portsmouth

Once again a good briefing is vital but what is hiding under that hat?
Sandwiches? Trip Leader's EPIRB? Rubber Duck to diffuse any potential aggresive contacts bewteen paddlers?

Final adjustments before the "off"

Smiles in the sun all round

On parade at South Parade Pier

A neat tidy line in the sun at lunchtime

A Trax folding boat joined the fleet -adjustable rocker and adjustable sideways bow curve in place of a skeg, all controlled from the cockpit without taking off the spray deck. Jim took it home on the back seat of the car!

A few clouds appeared for the return trip - have a word with the Trip Leader, will you!

The tow line (nicely slack here!) came out to assist some for the return against a strong Langstone ebb tide. Others elected to land at the base of the pier and portage the last 300metres.
A great paddle, thank you Andrew but we still don't know what was under your hat?!

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