Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mid-Winter Madness

Eastney carpark was not the place to be changing on Sunday morning. Temperature well below freezing, snow and ice on the ground and a bone-biting north-easterly.

However, we had been invited for drinks at the RNLI nearby and the opportunity for a paddle beforehand was too good to miss.

It was a competition as to who could wear the most clothing.

Once on the water we were warm enough and paddled along the Hayling shore and back for a couple of hours. However, the ice on Sherril's boat was still there on the way back and we had problems with frozen skeg cables, the mountain bikers' solution of peeing on frozen cables was judged to be impossible with spray deck, drysuit and many layers in the way. Plus of course, the risk of an unwanted ducking.

The RNLI were serving piping hot cider punch; cider, rum and the RNLI secret spice mix. We were soon back to operating temperature; must have been the spices.

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