Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Solent Coastguard Visit - 28th March 2010

Last Sunday eleven members of PDCC enjoyed an inspirational and informative visit to Solent Coastguard at Lee on the Solent.
The morning was feature packed and included footage of real life rescues, details about the history of the Coastguard, how search and rescues (for a multitude of scenarios) are planned and coordinated.
We looked at the use of resources; from bomb disposal (be very careful when you land your kayak in the surf!), specialist mud and cliff rescue teams to the volunteer inshore rescue teams and much more.
We were also introduced to a myriad of modern technology; from Nimrod aircraft and heat sensitive cameras to computer calculated search patterns which take into account tidal flow, windrift, even the colour of your clothes! (Orange has proven to be the most visible colour against the sea - so the search pattern can be wider meaning that 'the victim' is more likely to be found quicker - future coastguard helicopters will be coloured orange and black as black is the most visible against the sky).

We were all left with much to dwell upon and a rekindled admiration for the professional work that is carried out by the people of this often overlooked service and its many ancillaries.
Our thanks go to Gary Hall and his colleagues for this fascinating insight.

Watch this space for details of the next visit later in the year ~ (this is definately a date that should not be missed).
Even Joe & Petunia are alive and well!

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